Friday, 2 October 2015

Rain: Rise Of The Dead by Shaun Harbinger

I liked Mike's outspoken mind, the group's tactical plans and The Big Easy. The reason I like Mike's outspoken mind is because Alex was prone to make bad decisions especially where he wanted to save Eric, but Mike intervened and discovered he was as crazy as a loon, but they lost Elena from it. I liked the group's tactical plans because finding a boat to sustain life on is smart because they can fish and use the wind to get them where they wanted. Also, when they ran from the soldiers and escaped in a land rover. I liked The Big Easy because it reminded me of home and I liked how it felt like the only home free from zombies. I didn't like the army, Eric's desperation and Lucy's curiosity. I didn't like the army and the soldiers because they had done nothing but force people out into the open where they were exposed to zombies like bait. I didn't like Eric's desperation because if they didn't let him into the boat mike was dead and if zombies swarmed in at low tide all of sudden they were dead because their only exit is gone. I didn't like Lucy's curiosity because they could have left The Hornet to drift along the sea but Lucy put Alex's life and her own on the line because of it. If she didn't explore it then Mike wouldn't have been held at gunpoint by Harper and they wouldn't have lost Mike because he wouldn't of seen Elena among the other zombies. He wouldn't of also felt obliged to put her to rest along with himself. At the start of the book it was set in Wales then Swansea and ended in Scottish waters. The story follows Alex a video gamer getting a taste of real life zombies. He and his friends Mike, Elena and Lucy who set out to survive the virus outbreak. The book wasn't believable but I'd still rate it 7/10. 

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